Anna   Lynn    Ferris

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Starting at a young age, Anna Lynn Ferris has always had the passion to entertain. With roots in bluegrass and country, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to "chase her neon rainbow" on the streets of broadway; performing downtown at bars including Tootsies Orchid Lounge, Honky Tonk Central, Famous Saloon, and Layla's... Read More 

Shows Next Month

August 5th - Mikes Bar and Grill
August 6th - Jonesborough Barrel House
August 12th - Boondox
August 13th - Fat Daddy's
August 20th - Gladiator Brewing
August 26th - Boondox
August 27th - Mike's Hideaway

Just a sneak peek at our single "Sleeves"! 

You'll have to go to your favorite streaming service to listen to the whole thing ;)